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EPRCS June 2019 Update: New Name, Who Dis?!

What it is folks!

Some big changes are coming to our favorite Oracle EPM Cloud tools in the June 2019 update, and I must say, I’m pretty excited.

To celebrate, a group of esteemed professionals put together a blog hop. If you follow the blog hop (links down at the bottom), you’ll hear a variety of perspectives on the changes hitting individual EPM tools, get information about product positioning and pricing, as well as see some sneak previews of features!

My post in the hop is going to focus on Enterprise Performance Reporting. Here are a few updates we can expect:

Update #1: New Name

I’m going just to say it; I did not like the name “Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud.” Such a mouthful, and having to type it out constantly was a pain. Oracle heard my complaint (just kidding) and came up with a sleeker, shorter, and quite frankly more awesome name: Narrative Reporting. So much about the new name makes sense. 1) It describes the tool perfectly, and 2) it separates itself from Management Reporting and Disclosure Management, which gives it its own identity.

Update #2: Now we have, E-P-M-C-S?

To structure the EPM cloud a little better, we now have two new Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud services: Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Standard Cloud Service and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Cloud Service. Stay tuned for more info on this but essentially, each service will contain certain tools, and new customers can decide which service fits their needs the best.

Update #3: Connections

How users connect to different cloud products will be different as all Enterprise Performance Management service providers will be grouped into a single service provider called Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud. There will be an updated interface with connection details and a manage connections page. Additionally, Service Administrators can now create connections to external Web services and specify optional query or header parameters while defining external connections.

Update #4: We have butterfly reports, PEOPLE!!!

This needs no explanation 😊. So pumped!

Update #5: Publish Report Packages to the Library

Instead of solely publishing the RP in its native format or PDF for download, you can now publish it to the Library.

And now for the disclaimer: updates hit the test environments on the first Friday of the month, and the production environments on the third Friday of the month. For more on the June updates in EPRCS, err I mean Narrative Reporting and other EPM products, be sure the read the latest Oracle Cloud Readiness by clicking here and clicking on Enterprise Performance Management. You can also click here for information on all the 2019 Narrative Reporting updates.

Continue your educational journey by “hopping” over to the following posts to find out more about specific product updates, as well as gain different partner perspectives on the licensing, naming, and consolidation changes:

1. Opal Alapat gives an overview of the June 2019 Oracle EPM Cloud blog hop, as well as details on the product name changes, product consolidations, and new licensing: http://womaninepm.com/2019/06/04/orclepm-cloud-update-big-june-2019-changes/ …

2. Jun Zhang does a comprehensive summary of the June updates by product: https://theepmlab.com/epm-cloud-updates-june-2019-epbcs-fccs-pcmcs-arcs-edmcs-narrative-reporting/ …

3. Pete Nitschke discuses the Planning Cloud June updates in more detail: http://essbasedownunder.com/2019/06/pbcs-epbcs-what-is-old-is-new-again/ …

4. Eric Erikson provides his perspective on FCCS: http://ericerikson.blogspot.com/2019/06/archiving-fccs-environment-versions.html …

5. Kate Helmer summarizes important EDMCS updates: https://hyperionbarbie.wordpress.com/2019/06/04/19-06-edmcs-update-&-new-epm-cloud-announcements!/ …

6. Tony Scalese covers changes to the REST API and EPM Automate: http://www.fdmeeguru.com/1906-rest-api-epm-automate-changes …

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