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EPRCS August Update

What it is folks! Well it’s August, which means two things: 1) it’s my birthday month; and 2) the August updates in EPRCS are upon us! Here’s my at first blush reaction to the updates…

  • Drill through to source data in Management Reporting.

This is a nice addition to Management Reporting, but it lacks some of the functionality that we would expect from drill to content. For example, there is way no drill to transactional data, and any drill to content links in a grid that is in a report will be disabled once the grid is embedded in a report package.

  • PDF-Based report packages now support both Word and Excel files.

This is probably my favorite update as users can now add Microsoft Word and Excel documents into PDF-based Report Packages. I like this update for a few reasons: 1) users can take PDF files from previous reports and add new Word and Excel content. No more having to convert PDFs to Word. In fact, it’s the other way around, Word and Excel documents can be converted to PDF files and merged within the PDF Report Package; 2) This seems like a quick and easy way to get a report package together especially if embedded content is not used. Badda Bing, Badda Boom! Another nice feature is that users can select worksheets from Excel files that need be included in the Report Package.

A few other updates include:

  • Disclosure Management:
    • The ability to display ID attributes can now be restricted.
    • Users can now display decimal attributes with ‘INF.’

(Both of which leave me scratching my head but, yah Disclosure Management!)

  • We can now see more than a handful of our static and reference variables in the Smart View Variable Panel.

Updates hit the test environments on Friday, August 3rd and the production environments on Friday, August 17th. For more on the August updates in EPRCS and other EPM products, be sure the read the latest Oracle Cloud Readiness by clicking here and clicking on Enterprise Performance Management. You can also click here for information on all the 2018 EPRCS updates.

Till next time!

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